S&W Model 76 / MK760

The S&W M76 is Smith & Wessons answer to the Navy s request for a copy of the Swedish “K” subgun intended to be supplied to the Navy Seals. It was never adopted by the navy Seals and was only sold to the police and civilian markets. It was produced  in limited quantities from 1967 to 1974. The S&W76 /MK Arms MK760 are a very under rated submachine gun. Due to quality control issues at MK arms the entire line has gotten a poor reputation. We are here to correct that problem. We are working on producing good quality and available replacement MK 760 parts. Something that has been sevearly lacking since these subguns were introduced. We are also working on upgrades and custom parts for these guns to make them everything they can and should be.

Here is a picture of our prototype "K" magwell, which accepts not only the factory magazines but 36 round Suomi, 50 round Coffin magazines, and 72 round Suomi drums. The pictured MK Arms MK760 also has our prototype AR15 grip adapter.
Our first run of extractors for the S&W M76, MK Arms MK760.