This is not your fathers 1100

Remington 12 inch 1100-2

Base Price for Conversion: $895

The Remington Model 1100 is one of the most popular and most reliable semi auto shotguns ever made. The gas operated autoloading action increases the rate of fire and decreases felt recoil, which is a plus for a combat shotgun. In a high stress situation you will never forget to pump or short stroke the action like you can with a pump.

Our Short Barrel Shotgun conversions takes an extremely fast handling shotgun and makes it handle even faster. The compact size of our 1100SBS makes it extremely maneuverable in confined spaces. Since we install Remchokes in the barrels after we cut them to 14” it makes our Short Barrel Shotgun more versatile than others. By simply changing the chokes you can go from hunting to target shooting to home defense with the same fast handling characteristics our 1100SBS offers. If it is legal to own an NFA registered short barrel shotgun in your state or you are in law enforcement our 1100SBS is an ideal duty or home defense shotgun. This is a conversion to your 1100, we do not sell 1100’s.

"Hey bud I got to shoot this weekend an man I’m in love with it! That gun is really badass! You did an excellent job on it. I really appreciate it man!"

Features Include:

Barrel Shortened to 14″.

BWE’s Patent Pending Short Barrel Choke & Recoil Improvement System which Includes Lengthening the Forcing Cone and Installing Remchokes (Includes 1 Modified Choke Tube).

Stock Shortened to 13″ LOP.

Custom Fitted Kick EEZ Recoil Pad with the Heel Canted Approximately 45 degrees to Allow Faster Shouldering from the “Low Gun” Position.

BWE Firearms Model 1100 One Shot Magazine Extension.

High-Visibility Follower.

Heavy-Duty Magazine Tube Spring.

Recomended Upgrades: Remington Competition Master Carrier (makes reloading faster and easier)

Options Include Sights and Rails, Large Operating Handles and Safeties, 4 or 6 Round Side Saddles, Sling Adapters, Stocks, Bluing, Parkerizing, and Duracoat Finishes.

All NFA Rules Apply.

Remington 1100 magazine extension
Our custom Model 1100 one round extension is not only made for extreme duty but for good looks too. Our standard conversion is set up to run 1 1/8 Oz. target loads reliably.
Remington 1100 SBS

We performed a patterning test of our 1100 SBS at 7, 18, and 25 yards. At the same time we patterned a Remington 870 SBS with a 14″ barrel as it came from a well known shop for comparison. The best patterns from all the guns with 00 Buckshot came from Winchester Ranger 12GA. 2 3/4″ Low Recoil 00 Buckshot. Our 1100 SBS conversion ran everything we put through it, from #8 Target Loads to Low Recoil Buckshot and Slug to full power Buckshot and slugs.


Both the above patterns were fired at 18 yards with Winchester Ranger 2 3/4 Low Recoil 00 Buckshot. The first one was with an 870 SBS with a 14 inch barrel from another well known shop. The picture on the right is the pattern from our 1100 14 inch SBS with a modified Remchoke installed.


The pattern on the left was shot at 7 yards with our 1100 SBS with a modified Remchoke. The center pattern was shot at 25 yards with our 1100 SBS with a modified Remchoke. The right pattern was shot at 25 yards with our 1100 SBS with a Full Remchoke.