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We believe in old world craftsmanship and take the upmost pride in everything we do. We make every effort to ensure every SMG is 100% correct before it leaves our shop.


BWE Firearms is a custom gunsmithing shop with over 35 years of experience in the repair, service, and customizing of firearms, 10 with a major firearms company. All of our work is done in our own shop. Over the years we have work on just about every type of firearm produced. Due to the amount of Uzi sub machine gun, S&W76 / MK760 SMG and other 9mm submachine gun work that has been coming in we have shifted our focus from general gunsmithing to specializing in repair and customization of NFA items especially Uzis sub machine gun, S&W 76 / MK760 SMG, and Remington 1100 SBSs.

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We are currently expanding our line in the S&W76 / MK760 SMG market. The 76/760 9mm submachine gun lends itself well to upgrades and customization and with my son getting ready to start work in the shop our future is very bright.

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