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Uzi Customizing & Repair

We have the facilities and the knowledge to handle any repairs or customization that you need done on your Uzi no matter who made it.

Micro Uzi
This is a Micro Uzi we built for a customer. It started as an Uzi Pistol which was then SBRed after which we added the folding stock and bayonet lug, modified the fire control group and fit his registered bolt. We then refinished the entire gun.

My Uzi

UziTalk Aniversary Uzi CarbineCustom Mini Uzi SBR

Uzi SMG in Uzi GreenCustom FA Uzi in 22LR

Feed Ramp
A semi auto feed ramp installed in a full auto. The restrictor ring was opened to accept a SMG barrel then the top of the ring was machined off to give clearance for a SMG bolt."

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